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Usage of Aromasprays

Aromas appeal to our sense of smell, one of our oldest senses. Aromas can have a positive influence on the body and mind. Make use of the aromatherapy knowledge to increase your personal feeling of Well-being. You can, for example, pump an individual AROMA SPRAY on to a cloth moistened with water and inhale, use the aromatised cloth as a compress, or utilise the scent to vitalise the air in the room or give freshness to linen.

Usage of Aroma Oils

Leave the hustle, bustle and stress of everyday life behind you and enjoy an aroma massage on your own or with a partner. The APOTHECARY Florascent AROMA OILS are especially easy to measure out and can be spread pleasantly over the body or the back. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage that combines the positive infl uences of the aromas with the care properties of jojoba and almond oil.