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Basics   Pure scents for purists

Fragrance + concept
On the basis of many years of experience and handling natural fragrances every day, our natural perfumer Roland Tentunian has developed this new and easy concept for individual natural perfumery.

Fragrance + individuality
No one person is like the next - accentuate the aura of your personality with a unique, individual scent that corresponds to your own ideas. Be inspired by the beauty of the purest natural fragrances.

Fragrance + purism
Less is more. The true elegance of a fragrance is often shown in the simplicity of its composition. Use our scents on their own or in a combination of two to three fragrances. You'll be amazed!

Fragrance + creativity
Give expression to your imagination. Let your feelings, moods and preferences for specific fragrances guide you. The APOTHECARY Florascent fragrance assortment supports you in realising your own ideas and in your creativity.



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